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kilo CO2 reduction (based on 3,43 CO2 reduction per kg re-used textile: source CE Delft and tot. BG production of 350t/day)

Corona virus COVID-19

Dear visitor,

The worldwide outbreak of the new Corona virus causing COVID-19 is challenging businesses worldwide including Boer Group. However, we believe difficult times also challenge us to adapt both personally and professionally in order to find new windows of opportunity where others close.

All Boer Group companies have taken the precautionary measures following the guidelines of the national health institutes to ensure the health and safety of our employees. This is our main priority.

Momentarily we are able to continue production at our sorting companies. The collection of textiles is regarded a system essential activity under waste management in most EU member states. We are therefore able continue collection and to ensure the delivery of unsorted textiles to the sorting companies.

However, due to the Corona virus the export for re-use of 2nd hand clothing is under great pressure as many countries worldwide are in lock-down. We are trying to increase our stock capacity where possible and hope the situation will improve soon.

Please note that several case studies including one by The Robert Koch Institute show no proof of people getting infected by the virus in other method than the ‘droplet infection’. Transmission of the virus by surface area including textile is not yet heard of.


Boer Group has been collecting, sorting and preparing textiles, worn clothing and shoes for reuse for over 100 years. Our organisation comprises three collection companies and seven sorting companies in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and an innovative platform. The entire process, transparent, under one roof. Our 750 employees sort approximately 112,5 million kg of used textile every year. Together with our international partners, Boer Group is continually working on sustainable ways to keep residual waste to a minimum.

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As a family business which has been handed down from generation to generation, we think it is very important to pass on a healthy planet. We therefore focus on the continuous innovation of our recycling processes. This calls for smart and creative solutions, shared knowledge and innovation in our activities.

Since materials recycling is the way of the future, Boer Group focuses on innovation in textile recycling. With this goal in mind, we established Boer Group Recycling Solutions (BGRS) in 2015. This innovation platform brings parties together and provides financial support and know-how to promising projects in which new textile recycling methods are being developed.

Jobs and Recycling

Over 70% of the world’s population needs used clothing and textiles. Boer Group has a global network of customers. It can satisfy their demands by making clothing and textiles of different levels of quality available for reuse. Boer Group also makes a significant contribution to the local economy and to job creation. A sorting company sells the clothing to wholesalers, who then resell the clothing to (market) traders, who in turn sell the individual articles of clothing on markets, for example. For instance, one bale of second-hand textiles provides work and an income for about 7-8 people locally.