The Boer Group has 3 textile collection companies:

These companies handle the textile collection for municipalities, schools, foundations and other (retail) companies in a professional manner and with a high level of service. Using various means and methods of collection, we provide tailor-made solutions so that all our customers collect clothes and shoes in the best possible way.

Collecting textiles is a speciality which demands a lot of care, although the waste stream is relatively small compared with, for example, paper and glass waste fractions. It is very important that the textiles collected are dry and clean. It is therefore not possible to collect textiles using e.g. a collection vehicle which also collects glass or paper. High standards are also applied to the textile containers. For instance, these containers must be absolutely (rain)waterproof. Thus municipalities in particular often choose to outsource their textile collection to a professional, specialised textile collector. The textile collection companies of the Boer Group offer this speciality. They have all the necessary permits and (vocational) certificates.