Marbo Used Clothing B.V.

Marbo Used Clothing is one of the most advanced sorting companies within Boer Group and is located in the industrial area of Moerdijk. The company was founded in 1985 and processes approx. 55 tons of used textiles per day. More than 60 employees work at Marbo. Marbo Used Clothing is part of the Fairwertung network, a renowned organization based in Germany. Fairwertung is responsible for collecting used clothes throughout Germany in a socially responsible way. Fairwertung has carefully selected sorting companies who are able to process the clothes in the same social manner. Visit the Fairwertung website for more information.

Marbo Used Clothing B.V.
Transitoweg 10
4782 SM Moerdijk

Phone: +31 (0)168 330 485
Contact: Judith Spronck