Frankenhuis B.V.

Frankenhuis the top Specialist for sustainable processing / destruction of textiles. The focus lies on high-quality technology and re-use. Frankenhuis has a broad network in the field of recycling and circular thinking. The company is open to collaboration with developers of new applications for textile fiber (including chemical textile recycling).

Frankenhuis works together with its suppliers and customers to find the best outlet for the textile supplied. Several textile flows are processed. Continued product development and innovation lead to the highest possible work-up of:

  • Post-consumer clothing
  • Work clothing and uniforms (confidential destruction)
  • Production / industrial remains, including clothing waste, mattress waste, polyester, polyprop and viscous flows
  • Bath and bed textiles

Frankenhuis B.V.
Elektrostraat 5
7483 PG Haaksbergen

Phone: +31 (0)535727575
Contact: Tich Vanduren